Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Sensationals

Happy Saturday, lovelies! I hope you're still lounging in bed, enjoying a lazy weekend!

And now, to add to the fabulousness of your Saturday, here are my Saturday Sensationals.

Wanna go down a water slide through a shark tank?

How about stay at the Tiffany Suite at the St. Regis?

Maybe you should just organize your entire life?

I bought some land this week. There's still plenty more for sale if you want to be my neighbor.

In the blogosphere:
Kelle wrote this amazing post about being leaders and followers.

Kaity posted her Spring Bucket List.

Danielle made this amazing Pinterest inspired stuffed animal zoo.

Melonie wrote this adorable post about being able to laugh at yourself.

Brandy made these pillows and updated her shop.

And Becky wrote about some of her favorite products of the week and showed off her Milo Paper calendar, which I now desperately need.

And that is my Saturday Sensationals. Is there something you saw this week that I need to see?? Let me know!! 

Have a sensational Saturday, y'all!



Melissa said...

You bought land? Way to go, I hear it's a great investment!

Happy Saturday!

Ida Jade said...

Newer folower here,..Being a Realtor I had to click on the land thing. How intersting! I had no idea, it!


Melonie said...

I wanna be your neighbor!! Only problem, that suit will make my butt look big! Bahahaha

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