Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sweet Dax's Baptism

In case you're just tuning in.... or maybe I haven't mentioned it, I had a baby! A baby boy, in fact. Baby Daxton was born in January, and he's the sweetest baby boy ever!

Dax's first horribly lit iPhone selfie.

Anyway, a little over a month ago, we held his baptism. Some of our family came to help celebrate, and my favorite photographer, Mallorie, came to capture some shots of Dax's special day. I'm so very happy with how they all turned out, which shouldn't surprise me, because every photo Mallorie takes is gorgeous!! She even managed to capture a few photos of me nursing Dax, which I absolutely fell in love with. Here are a few favorites from the day. 

I cannot praise Mallorie enough. I absolutely love working with her, and I'm so glad she was able to join us for this wonderful day. She's in the Austin area mostly, but I know that she travels quite a bit, so if you're looking for a photographer, she's your girl! You can find her on her photography page and blog's Facebook. (Check out her adorable pups while you're over there!!)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Austin's Touch-A-Truck is Back!

Hey, Austin folks, did you hear? After taking a little hiatus last year, Austin's Touch-A-Truck is back this Saturday, May 9th!

Wondering exactly what Touch-A-Truck is? Touch-A-Truck is a family friendly event that raises money for Austin Children's Services, and gives your kids a chance to explore and learn all about the vehicles that help serve their community. In addition to the vehicles, there will be a petting zoo, live music, food trucks, and plenty more fun things to do! 

We've never been before, so this is our first year attending, and we're so excited! 

The event will be held at Camp Mabry this year, and promises to be so much fun! General admission hours are from 10am-3pm, and tickets are only $5, VIP admission is $20, starts an hour earlier at 9am, and includes breakfast! 

You can find more info and purchase tickets at Austin Children's Shelter's.

So, are you an Austinite and wanna go to Touch-A-Truck? Here's a chance to win a pair of general admission tickets!

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Good luck, maybe I'll see you there!

In exchange for this post, I was given tickets for my family to attend the Touch-A-Truck event. As always, any opinions expressed here are all my own! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Teaching Our Children to be Compassionate

Why exactly is it so hard to be compassionate? I know first hand just how difficult it can be, when it really shouldn't be. Compassion should come so easy to us. 

One of  my parenting goals is to make sure my children are compassionate. Not only to each other, but to all of God's creatures.  But exactly how do we teach them to have compassion? For starters, we have to start with ourselves. We teach best by example, right? Are we being compassionate with our children? Our pets? What about other people? When you're stuck in traffic and yelling at the idiot who cut you off, is that teaching your child compassion? I know it's easier said than done, (I have the worst case of road rage!) but it's a must. 

Another way to instill compassion in our little ones is to have them practice it first hand. Volunteer at an animal shelter or a food donation center. Have them pick out some toys they no longer play with or clothes that are too small and donate them. 

If it's possible, get a pet! Even if it's something small like a hamster, having a pet to care for is a great way for kids to learn compassion. Plus, it teaches responsibility as well. 

A few more ways for children to learn how to be compassionate: 

  • Check out your local library for children's books on being compassionate. 
  • Discuss situations in which your child should be compassionate with others. Role play with them on the best way to handle the situation. 
  • Look up Bible verses about the times that Jesus was compassionate with others. Read and discuss them with your child. 
  • Have your children write a story in which the main character shows compassion for others. You could even take it a step farther and have them put together a little book complete with illustrations to go along with the story. 
I think we can all agree that our world needs more love going around. If we want something to change, we have to change it. It starts with us, we can't wait for someone else to make a difference. If we can teach the next generation to love more than we did as a generation, we can definitely make a huge difference! So what are you waiting for?

Here's to more love and compassion in the world! 
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